Courses Approved for Language Requirements

LanguageLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
American Sign LanguageSHS 121SHS 221SHS 321SHS 222 + 321*
Arabic (Colloquial)ARAB 210ARAB 211----
Arabic (Standard)ARAB 201ARAB 202ARAB 403ARAB 404
Bosnian-Croatian-SerbianBCS 101BCS 102BCS 201BCS 202
Chinese (Mandarin)CHIN 201CHIN 202CHIN 203CHIN 204
Chinese (Spoken Mandarin)CHIN 221CHIN 222----
Chinese (students with background in spoken Mandarin)CHIN 241CHIN 241CHIN 242CHIN 242
CzechCZCH 101CZCH 102CZCH 201CZCH 202
FrenchFR 101FR 102FR 103 or FR 133FR 104 or FR 134
GermanGER 101GER 102GER 103GER 104
Greek (Classical and Koine)GRK 101GRK 102GRK 201GRK 202
Greek (Modern)GRKM 201GRKM 202GRKM 403GRKM 404
Hebrew (Modern)HEBR 201HEBR 202HEBR 403HEBR 404 or HEBR 205 + 403**
Hindi/UrduHNDI 201HNDI 202HNDI 403HNDI 404
ItalianITAL 101ITAL 102ITAL 103ITAL 104
JapaneseJAPN 201JAPN 202JAPN 203JAPN 204
KoreanKOR 201KOR 202KOR 203KOR 204
Korean (students with background in spoken Korean)KOR 221KOR 222KOR 241KOR 242
LatinLAT 101LAT 102LAT 201LAT 202
Latin American Language TutorialsLAST 445***LAST 445***LAST 445***LAST 445***
PersianPERS 201PERS 202PERS 403PERS 404
PolishPOL 101POL 102POL 201POL 202
PortuguesePORT 400PORT 400PORT 401PORT 402 or PORT 403
RussianRUSS 101RUSS 102RUSS 201RUSS 202
SanskritSNSK 201SNSK 202SNSK 403SNSK 404
ScandinavianSCAN 101SCAN 102SCAN 103SCAN 104
SpanishSPAN 122SPAN 122SPAN 130SPAN 141 or SPAN 142
SwahiliSWAH 201SWAH 202SWAH 403SWAH 404
TurkishTURK 201TURK 202TURK 403TURK 404
UkrainianURK 101URK 102URK 201URK 202
WolofWLOF 201WLOF 202WLOF 403WLOF 404
YiddishYDSH 101YDSH 102YDSH 103YDSH 104
ZuluZULU 201ZULU 202ZULU 403ZULU 404
*SHS 222 may be used to satisfy either a General Education requirement or the language requirement, but not both. Level 4 American Sign Language is satisfied by completing the combination of SHS 222 and SHS 321.
**Level 4 Hebrew is satisfied by HEBR 404 or the combination of HEBR 403 and HEBR 205.
***Latin American Language Tutorials - LAST 445- level determined by instructor
Bamana, Lingala, and Asian language tutorials are not currently offered.

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