Courses Approved for Fees - Spring 2018

Some courses may only have fees applied on a specific section. Please check the Course Explorer for individual section fees.

DeptSubjCourseCourse TitleSection ID (if specific)FeeFee Description
1741ABE425Engrg Measurement Systems$20.00ABE Class Materials
1741ABE463Electrohydraulic Systems$20.00ABE Class Materials
1346ACCY398Practical Problems in Atg$1400.00ACCY Class Materials
1470ACE199Undergraduate Open Seminar$1100.00ACE 199SC Class Fee
1470ACE291Ag Policy & Leadership$1200.00ACE Field Trip
1470ACE292Farm, Food &Environment Policy$1300.00ACE Field Trip
1470ACE293Off-Campus Internship48388-Fall$1000.00ACE Field Trip
1470ACE428Commodity Futures and Options$30.00Simulated Trading Account
1538ANSC398UG Experiential LearningSp-L/N$50.00 to $700.00ANSC Field Trip
1526ART102Drawing for Non-Majors$20.00Wide drawing paper and hiring live models
1526ART103Painting for Non-Majors$35.00Art Design Paint
1526ART104Sculpture for Non-Majors$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ART104Sculpture for Non-Majors$45.00Undergrad Sculpture A D
1526ART105Visual Design for Non-Majors$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ART140Introduction to Art$20.00Art Education Design
1526ART199Undergraduate Open Seminar$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ART199Undergraduate Open SeminarYES$25.00 to $110.00Materials Fee
1526ART201Art in Early Childhood$30.00Art Education Design
1526ART202Art in the Elementary Grades$30.00Art Education Design
1526ART299Special Topics in Art$20.00 to $40.00Materials Charges for Special Topic Art studio.
1526ART499Special Topics in Art$25.00Art Class Materials
1526ART550Writing with Video Workshop$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD101Intro to Industrial Design$35.00Class Materials
1526ARTD151Introduction to Graphic Design$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD151Introduction to Graphic Design$35.00Course Materials Fee
1526ARTD160The Image World$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD201Industrial Design I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD201Industrial Design I$75.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD202Industrial Design II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD202Industrial Design II$75.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD209Chado (The Way of Tea)$65.00Art Design Japan
1526ARTD215Introduction to Typography$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD216Introduction to Image Making$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD217Graphic Design for Non-Majors$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD222Typographic Practice$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD225Design Drawing$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD225Design Drawing$25.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD228Computer Applications$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD228Computer Applications$50.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD230Design Thinking/Need-Finding$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD230Design Thinking/Need-Finding$40.00Art Materials Fee
1526ARTD260Basic Photography$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD260Basic Photography$15.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD261Photography II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD261Photography II$8.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD262View Camera$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD262View Camera$8.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD263Digital Photographic Output$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD263Digital Photographic Output$8.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD270Design Methods$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD299Spec Topics in Design Courses$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD299Spec Topics in Design Courses$25.00 to $75.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD301Industrial Design III$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD301Industrial Design III$75.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD302Industrial Design IV$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD302Industrial Design IV$75.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD310Intermediate Graphic Design I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD311Intermediate Graphic Design II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD318Digital Interaction$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD326Sustainability & Manufacturing$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD326Sustainability & Manufacturing$10.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD328Human-Centered Product Design$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD333Type & Image$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD351Graphic Design Inquiry$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD360Photography III$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD360Photography III$12.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD362Photography Workshop$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD362Photography Workshop$8.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD363RAW Photography$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD363RAW Photography$8.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD371Graphic Design Practicum$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD391Special Problems in Design$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD401Industrial Design V$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD401Industrial Design V$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD402Industrial Design VI$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD402Industrial Design VI$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD410Advanced Graphic Design I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD411Advanced Graphic Design II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD415Ninth Letter$40.00Art Graphic Design
1526ARTD418Digital Interaction Sandbox$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD444Typographic Systems$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD445Seminar in Design$25.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD451Graphic Design Problems$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD460Advanced Photography$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD460Advanced Photography$12.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTD471Graphic Design Capstone$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD499Special Topics in Design$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD499Special Topics in Design$25.00 to $75.00Art Industrial Design
1526ARTD501Industrial Design I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD501Industrial Design I$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD502Industrial Design II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD502Industrial Design II$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD503Industrial Design III$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD503Industrial Design III$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD504Industrial Design IV$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD504Industrial Design IV$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD505Industrial Design V$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD505Industrial Design V$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD506Industrial Design VI$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD506Industrial Design VI$75.00ARTD Course Materials
1526ARTD591Special Problems in Design$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD595Design Laboratory$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTD599Industrial Design Thesis$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE101Art, Design, and Society$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE201Foundations of Art Education$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE201Foundations of Art Education$10.00Art Education Design
1526ARTE202Facilitating Art Experience$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE202Facilitating Art Experience$40.00Art Education Design
1526ARTE203Everyday Arts Lab$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE203Everyday Arts Lab$25.00Art Education Design
1526ARTE204Practicum Teaching Experience$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE299Spec Topics in Art Education$10.00Art Class Materials
1526ARTE301Curric, Assess, Art Education$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE301Curric, Assess, Art Education$35.00Art Education Design
1526ARTE302Art Learning Secondary Level$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE302Art Learning Secondary Level$20.00Art Education Design
1526ARTE391Independent Study$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE402Artistic Development$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE475Art Exhibition Practices$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE475Art Exhibition Practices$60.00ARTE Class Materials
1526ARTE480Popular Visual Culture$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE490Senior Honors$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE501Issues in Art Education$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE502Curriculum Development in Art$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE503Professional Teaching Seminar$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTE591Independent Graduate Studies$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTF101Contemporary Issues in Art$85.00Art Design Foundations
1526ARTF102Observational Drawing$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTF102Observational Drawing$35.00Art Design Foundations
1526ARTF103Design I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTF103Design I$35.00Art Design Foundations
1526ARTF104Expressive Drawing$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTF104Expressive Drawing$35.00Art Design Foundations
1526ARTF105Design II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTF105Design II$35.00Art Design Foundations
1526ARTF106Visualization Drawing$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTF106Visualization Drawing$35.00Class Materials Fee
1526ARTF199Undergraduate Open Seminar$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS200Introduction to Book Arts$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS200Introduction to Book Arts$30.00Art Design Book Arts
1526ARTS205Introduction to Printmaking$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS205Introduction to Printmaking$85.00Materials Charge
1526ARTS210Ceramics Sculpture I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS210Ceramics Sculpture I$20.00Ceramics Art Design
1526ARTS230Jewelry/Metals I$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS231Jewelry/Metals II$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS250Life Drawing$30.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS251Beginning Painting$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS251Beginning Painting$35.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS252Making and Meaning$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS252Making and Meaning$30.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS254Painting II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS254Painting II$20.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS280Beginning Sculpture$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS280Beginning Sculpture$55.00Undergrad Sculpture A D
1526ARTS281Sculpture II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS281Sculpture II$50.00Undergrad Sculpture A D
1526ARTS299Spec Topics in Studio Art$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS299Spec Topics in Studio Art$12.00 to $95.00Various Material Fees
1526ARTS310Ceramics Sculpture II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS310Ceramics Sculpture II$20.00Ceramics Art Design
1526ARTS330Jewelry Metals III$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS330Jewelry Metals III$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS331Jewelry Metals IV$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS331Jewelry Metals IV$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS332Metal Technology$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS333Enamelling$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS334Metalsmithing$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS340The Art of 3D Imaging$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS350Intermediate Studio I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS350Intermediate Studio I$30.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS351Intermediate Studio II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS351Intermediate Studio II$30.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS391Independent Study$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS391Independent Study$90.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS391Independent Study$85.00Glass Art Design
1526ARTS391Independent Study$65.00Undergrad Sculpture A D
1526ARTS391Independent Study$25.00 to $110.00Printmaking Art Design
1526ARTS391Independent Study$25.00Ceramics Art Design
1526ARTS391Independent Study$15.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTS400Advanced Book Arts$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS400Advanced Book Arts$30.00Art Design Book Arts
1526ARTS405Special Topics in Printmaking$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS405Special Topics in Printmaking$85.00Materials Charge
1526ARTS410Advanced Ceramics Sculpture$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS410Advanced Ceramics Sculpture$95.00Ceramics Art Design
1526ARTS412Ceramics$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS412Ceramics$100.00Ceramics Art Design
1526ARTS430Jewelry Metals V$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS430Jewelry Metals V$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS431Jewelry Metals VI$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS431Jewelry Metals VI$95.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS443Time Arts II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS444Interaction II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS445Special Topics in New Media$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS445Special Topics in New Media$5.00Narr Media Art Design
1526ARTS450Advanced Studio I$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS450Advanced Studio I$30.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS451Advanced Studio II$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS451Advanced Studio II$30.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS454Advanced Drawing$35.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS455Advanced Painting$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS455Advanced Painting$35.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS456Advanced Sculpture$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS456Advanced Sculpture$25.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS490Senior Honors$100.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS499Special Topics in Studio Art$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS499Special Topics in Studio Art$12.00 to $95.00Art Design Book Arts
1526ARTS499Special Topics in Studio Art$12.00 to $95.00Narr Media Art Design
1526ARTS591Graduate Studio$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS591Graduate Studio$70.00 to $100.00Printmaking Art Design
1526ARTS591Graduate Studio$65.00 to $100.00Graduate Sculpture A D
1526ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$95.00FAA Facilities
1526ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$75.00 to $110.00Art Design Metals
1526ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$70.00Graduate Sculpture A D
1526ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$20.00Art Design Paint
1526ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$12.00Photography Art Design
1526ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$100.00Printmaking Art Design
1253ATMS324Field Studies of Convection$1300.00ATMS Field Trip Fee
1253ATMS391Topics in Atmospheric Sciences$1200.00LAS Field Trip
1902BADM395Senior Research IIAPR$50.00BADM Course Materials Fee
1902BADM395Senior Research IIDMS$50.00BADM Course Materials
1413CHEM101Introductory Chemistry$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM102General Chemistry I$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM103General Chemistry Lab I$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM104General Chemistry II$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM105General Chemistry Lab II$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM108Chemistry, Everyday Phenomena$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM203Accelerated Chemistry Lab I$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM204Accelerated Chemistry II$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM205Accelerated Chemistry Lab II$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM223Quantitative Analysis Lab$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM232Elementary Organic Chemistry I$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM233Elementary Organic Chem Lab I$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM236Fundamental Organic Chem I$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM237Structure and Synthesis$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM317Inorganic Chemistry Lab$0.00 to $75.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM436Fundamental Organic Chem II$0.00 to $75.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1413CHEM437Organic Chemistry Lab$0.00 to $75.00CHEM Breakage Fee
1290CHP199Special Topics$700.00 to $4500.00Honors Program Travel Fee
1290CHP395Interdisciplinary SeminarYes$300.00 to $4500.00CHP- Field Trip Fee
1541EDPR203Clinical Experience Fee$790Clinical Experience Tuition
1545ENG498Special TopicsFa-66005$600.00ENG Field Trip
1655ENVS380Environmental Geology$35.00 to $60.00LAS Field Trip
1616EPSY220Career Theory and Practice$20.00Materials charge
1655ESE111Emergence of Life$75.00LAS Field Trip
1655ESE208History of the Earth System$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1901ESE289Environment & Sust Field Study$20.00 to $500.00LAS Field Trip
1655ESE333Earth Materials and the Env$20.00 to $50.00LAS Field Trip
1901ESE389Environ &Sust Field Expedition$800.00 to $4500.00LAS Field Trip
1655ESE411Geomorphology$20.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1872ESE465Transp and Sustainability$35.00 to $65.00LAS Field Trip
1901ESE497Special Topics in ESEYES$0.00 to $300.00Dixon Springs Field Trip
1644FAA199Undergraduate Open SeminarJames Sch$300.00 to $700.00FAA Field Trip
1644FAA202Artsful Teaching through Integ$10.00FAA Materials Fees
1698FSHN145Intro Hospitality Management$27.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN232Science of Food Preparation$56.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN260Raw Materials for Processing$20.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN302Sensory Evaluation of Foods$30.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN343Foundations in Beverage Mgmt$100.00FSHN Class Materials
1698FSHN462Food Processing II$50.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN462Food Processing II$50.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN466Food Product Development$60.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN517Fermented &Distilled Beverages$20.00ACES Class Materials
1698FSHN590Dietetic Internship I$1000.00FSHN 590 Fee
1698FSHN591Dietetic Internship II$1000.00FSHN 591 Fee
1872GEOG405Geography Field Course$100.00 to $2500.00GEOG Field Trip Fee
1872GEOG465Transp and Sustainability$35.00 to $65.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL107Physical Geology$15.00 to $50.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL110Exploring Geology in the Field$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL111Emergence of Life$75.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL208History of the Earth System$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL333Earth Materials and the Env$20.00 to $50.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL380Environmental Geology$35.00 to $60.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL401Geomorphology$20.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL411Structural Geol and Tectonics$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL415Field Geology$800.00 to $2500.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL417Geol Field Methods, Western US$750.00 to $2000.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL432Mineralogy and Mineral Optics$50.00 to $100.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL436Petrology and Petrography$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL440Sedimentology and Stratigraphy$20.00 to $100.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL497Special Topics in Geology$0.00 to $500.00GEOL 497 Field Trip Fee
1655GEOL511Advanced Structural Geology$100.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL512Geotectonics$100.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL515Advanced Field Geology$800.00 to $2500.00LAS Field Trip
1655GEOL593Advanced Studies in Geology$0.00 to $1600.00LAS Field Trip
1581HDFS259Motor Development and Control$200.00AHS Class Materials
1793HDFS288HDFS Applied Experience Fee$1095.00ACES Applied Experience
1802HORT105Vegetable Gardening$15.00ACES Class Materials
1802HORT107Introduction to Floral Design$50.00ACES Class Materials
1802HORT246Floral Design I$50.00ACES Class Materials
1802HORT341Greenhouse Mgmt and Production$40.00ACES Field Trip
1802HORT441Floral & Nursery Crops Prductn$40.00ACES Field Trip
1802HORT464International Hort Products$120.00ACES Field Trip
1383IB447Field Ecology$250.00LAS Field Trip
1383IB496Special CoursesCRF$1850.00 to $2000.00IB496 CRS FEE
1992IS451Intro to Network Systems$50.00 to $325.00Raspberry Pi Starter Pack
1992IS490Advanced Topics Info Studies$25.00 to $325.00GSLIS Class Materials
1992IS490Advanced Topics Info Studies$25.00 to $100.00GSLIS Field Trip
1992IS548Library Buildings$60.00 to $150.00GSLIS Field Trip
1992IS590Advanced Problems in IS$25.00 to $100.00GSLIS Field Trip
1992IS590Advanced Problems in IS$25.00 to $100.00GSLIS Class Materials
1992IS590Advanced Problems in IS$25.00GSLIS Facility Use Fee
1581KIN100Development Activities$100.00Kinesio/Camp Rec Facility Fee
1581KIN102Individual and Dual Activities$65.00Kinesio/Illini Union Facility Fee
1581KIN104Skating Activities$50.00 to $60.00Kinesio/Camp Rec Facility Fee
1581KIN107Aquatic Sport Activities$100.00Kinesio/Camp Rec Facility Fee
1581KIN120Injuries in Sport$20.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN140Social Sci of Human Movement$200.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN150Bioscience of Human Movement$200.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN199Undergraduate Open Seminar$25.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN257Coordination, Control & Skill$200.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN259Motor Development and Control$200.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN352Bioenergetics of Movement$200.00AHS Class Materials
1581KIN355Biomechanics of Human Movement$200.00AHS Class Materials
1569LA199Undergraduate Open SeminarMB$95.00FAA Facilities
1569LA199Undergraduate Open SeminarMB$35.00Art Design Foundations
1569LA233Foundation Design Studio$275.00LA Field Trip
1569LA234Site Design Studio$265.00FAA Field Trip
1569LA335Community & Open Space Studio$275.00FAA Field Trip
1569LA336Design Workshop Studio I$75.00 to $250.00LA Field Trip
1569LA346Professional Practice$50.00Etiquette Dinner/Field Trip
1569LA390Independent Study$35.00LA 390 Field Trip
1569LA438Design Workshop Studio IIYES$75.00LA Field Trip
1569LA438Design Workshop Studio II$250.00LA Field Trip
1569LA452Natural Precedent in Planting$50.00LA Field Trip
1569LA537Landscape Plan & Design Studio$75.00LA Field Trip
1569LA590Directed Research$35.00LA Field Trip
1670LAS199Undergraduate Open Seminar$400.00 to $500.00LAS Field Trip
1853LAW792Current Legal ProblemsHHH$1900.00The Value of Wilderness Traveling Fee
1864LING110Cultural Exp- Muslim World$40.00 to $100.00SILMW Fees
1230MBA500Issues in Business$500.00MBA GCP Trip Fee
1415MCB250Molecular Genetics$300.00Non-Major Tuition
1415MCB251Exp Techniqs in Molecular Biol$300.00Non-Major Tuition
1415MCB252Cells, Tissues & Development$300.00Non-Major Tuition
1415MCB253Exp Techniqs in Cellular Biol$300.00Non-Major Tuition
1415MCB450Introductory Biochemistry$300.00Non-Major Tuition
1646MDIA390Special Topics in Media$2650.00MDIA 390 Immersion Trip
1495MUS165Applied Jazz Instruction$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS178Guitar$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS179Harpsichord$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS180Piano$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS181Voice$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS182Organ$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS183Violin$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS184Viola$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS185Cello$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS186Double Bass$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS187Harp$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS188Flute$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS189Clarinet$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS190Oboe$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS191Bassoon$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS192Saxophone$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS193Trumpet$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS194Horn$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS195Trombone$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS196Euphonium$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS197Tuba$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS198Percussion$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS466Applied Jazz Instruction$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS478Guitar$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS479Harpsichord$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS480Piano$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS481Voice$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS482Organ$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS483Violin$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS484Viola$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS485Cello$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS486Double Bass$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS487Harp$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS488Flute$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS489Clarinet$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS490Oboe$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS491Bassoon$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS492Saxophone$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS493Trumpet$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS494Horn$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS495Trombone$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS496Euphonium$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS497Tuba$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS498Percussion$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS579Graduate Level Harpischord$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS580Graduate Level Piano$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS581Graduate Level Voice$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS582Graduate Level Organ$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS583Graduate Level Violin$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS584Graduate Level Viola$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS585Graduate Level Cello$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS586Graduate Level Double Bass$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS587Graduate Level Harp$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS588Graduate Level Flute$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS589Graduate Level Clarinet$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS590Graduate Level Oboe$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS591Graduate Level Bassoon$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS592Graduate Level Saxophone$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS593Graduate Level Trumpet$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS594Graduate Level Horn$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS595Graduate Level Trombone$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS596Graduate Level Euphonium$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS597Graduate Level Tuba$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1495MUS598Graduate Level Percussion$300.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
1875NRES276Introduction to Field Pedology$180.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES285Field ExperienceYES$45.00 to $200.00ACES Field Trip, also see Study Abroad
1875NRES302Dendrology$35.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES340Environ Social Sci Res Meth$35.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES415Native Plant ID and Floristics$100.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES416Forest Biology$20.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES419Env and Plant Ecosystems$25.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES420Restoration Ecology$45.00 to $200.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES425Natural Resources Law & Policy$10.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES456Integrative Ecosystem MgmtYES$10.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES474Soil and Water Conservation$5.00ACES Field Trip
1875NRES485Stream Ecosystem Management$14.00NRES Field Trip Fee
1875NRES499Special TopicsYES$0.00 to $1500.00ACES Field Trip
1244PHYS123Physics Made Easy$50.00Physics 123 Supply Fee
1710PS224Politics of the National Parks$100.00 to $800.00PS Field Trip Fee
1714RST180RST Domestic Study / Site Tour$1800.00 to $2300.00RST Field Trip Fee
1714RST199Undergraduate Open SeminarFT$85.00AHS Field Trip, Section FT
1710RST224Politics of the National Parks$600.00 to $800.00Field Trip Fee
1714RST341Community Recreation Planning$30.00AHS Field Trip
1714RST350Tourism and Culture$30.00RST Field Trip
1570SPED199Undergraduate Open Seminar$15.00EDU Class Materials
1570SPED524Supervised Prac in SPED$56.43SPED Student Teaching fee (billed per hour)
1570SPED590Seminar for Advanced Students$15.00EDU Class Materials
1526TE230Design Thinking/Need-Finding$95.00FAA Facilities xlisted ARTD 230
1526TE230Design Thinking/Need-Finding$40.00Art Materials Fee xlisted ARTD 230
1855TE498Special Topics IIISVL/SVW$300.00 to $600.00Silcon Valley Workshop
1741TSM233Metallurgy & Welding Process$30.00ACES Class Materials
1741TSM311Humanity in the Food Web$45.00TSM Field Trip Fee

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