Courses Approved for Fees - Fall 2021

Some courses may only have fees applied on a specific section. Please check the Course Explorer for individual section fees.

120218ABE425Engrg Measurement Systems20ABE Class Materials
120218ABE463Electrohydraulic Systems20ABE Class Materials
120218ACE291Ag Policy & Leadership1200ACE Field Trip
120218ACE292Farm, Food &Environment Policy1300ACE Field Trip
120218ADV392Advertising Immersion$25.00 to $7000.00Immersion Course Fee
120218ANSC210Grilling and BBQ Science$75.00 to $125.00Lab supplies/Maintenance Fee
120218ANSC398UG Experiential LearningSp-L/N$50.00 to $700.00ANSC Field Trip
120218ART102Drawing for Non-Majors20Wide drawing paper and hiring live models
120218ART103Painting for Non-Majors35Art Design Paint
120218ART104Sculpture for Non-Majors95FAA Facilities
120218ART104Sculpture for Non-Majors45Undergrad Sculpture A D
120218ART105Visual Design for Non-Majors95FAA Facilities
120218ART140Introduction to Art20Art Education Design
120218ART199Undergraduate Open Seminar95FAA Facilities
120218ART199Undergraduate Open SeminarYES$25.00 to $110.00Materials Fee
120218ART201Art in Early Childhood30Art Education Design
120218ART202Art in the Elementary Grades30Art Education Design
120218ART299Special Topics in Art95FAA Facility Fee
120218ART299Special Topics in Art$20.00 to $40.00Materials Charges for Special Topic Art studio.
120218ART499Special Topics in Art25Art Class Materials
120218ART550Writing with Video Workshop95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD101Intro to Industrial Design35Class Materials
120218ARTD101Intro to Industrial Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD151Introduction to Graphic Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD151Introduction to Graphic Design35Course Materials Fee
120218ARTD201Industrial Design I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD201Industrial Design I40Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD202Industrial Design II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD202Industrial Design II40Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD215Intro to Typography Non-Majors95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD216Introduction to Image Making95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD217Graphic Design for Non-Majors95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD222Typographic Practice95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD225Design Drawing95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD225Design Drawing35Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD228Computer Applications95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD228Computer Applications50Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD230Design Thinking/Need-Finding95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD230Design Thinking/Need-Finding15Art Materials Fee
120218ARTD270Design Methods95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD299Spec Topics in Design Courses95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD299Spec Topics in Design Courses$25.00 to $75.00Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD301Industrial Design III95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD301Industrial Design III40Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD302Industrial Design IV95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD302Industrial Design IV40Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD317UI/UX Design for Non-Majors95FAA Facilities Fee
120218ARTD318Interaction Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD326Sustainability & Manufacturing95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD326Sustainability & Manufacturing10Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD328Human-Centered Product Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD328Human-Centered Product Design10Art Design Fee
120218ARTD333Type & Image95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD351Graphic Design Inquiry95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD371Graphic Design Practicum95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD391Special Problems in Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD401Industrial Design V95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD401Industrial Design V40Art Materials Fee
120218ARTD402Industrial Design VI95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD402Industrial Design VI75ARTD Course Materials
120218ARTD415Ninth Letter40Art Graphic Design
120218ARTD418Advanced Interaction Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD444Typographic Systems95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD445Seminar in Design25Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD451EDGE95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD471Graphic Design Capstone95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD499Special Topics in Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD499Special Topics in Design$25.00 to $75.00Art Industrial Design
120218ARTD501Industrial Design I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD502Industrial Design II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD503Industrial Design III95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD504Industrial Design IV95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD505Industrial Design V95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD506Industrial Design VI95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD510Membership in a Design Research Team Project95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD511Leadership in a Design Research Team95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD595MFA Graphic Design Studio95FAA Facilities
120218ARTD599Thesis95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE101Art, Design, and Society95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE201Foundations of Art Education95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE201Foundations of Art Education10Art Education Design
120218ARTE202Facilitating Art Experience95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE202Facilitating Art Experience40Art Education Design
120218ARTE203Everyday Arts Lab95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE203Everyday Arts Lab25Art Education Design
120218ARTE204Practicum Teaching Experience95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE260Museums in Action25Materials fee
120218ARTE299Spec Topics in Art Education10Art Class Materials
120218ARTE301Curric, Assess, Art Education95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE301Curric, Assess, Art Education35Art Education Design
120218ARTE302Art Learning Secondary Level95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE302Art Learning Secondary Level20Art Education Design
120218ARTE391Independent Study95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE402Artistic Development95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE475Art Exhibition Practices95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE475Art Exhibition Practices30ARTE Class Materials
120218ARTE480Popular Visual Culture95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE490Senior Honors95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE501Issues in Art Education95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE502Curriculum Development in Art95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE503Professional Teaching Seminar95FAA Facilities
120218ARTE591Independent Graduate Studies95FAA Facilities
120218ARTF101Contemporary Issues in Art85Art Design Foundations
120218ARTF102Observational Drawing95FAA Facilities
120218ARTF102Observational Drawing35Art Design Foundations
120218ARTF103Design I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTF103Design I35Art Design Foundations
120218ARTF104Expressive Drawing95FAA Facilities
120218ARTF104Expressive Drawing35Art Design Foundations
120218ARTF105Design II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTF105Design II35Art Design Foundations
120218ARTF106Visualization Drawing95FAA Facilities
120218ARTF106Visualization Drawing35Class Materials Fee
120218ARTF199Undergraduate Open Seminar95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS200Introduction to Book Arts95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS200Introduction to Book Arts30Art Design Book Arts
120218ARTS201Crafts Design95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS205Introduction to Printmaking95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS205Introduction to Printmaking85Materials Charge
120218ARTS210Ceramics Sculpture I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS210Ceramics Sculpture I20Ceramics Art Design
120218ARTS221Fashion Illustration95FAA Facility Fee
120218ARTS221Fashion Illustration20Materials Fee
120218ARTS230Jewelry/Metals I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS230Jewelry/Metals I45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS231Jewelry/Metals II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS231Jewelry/Metals II45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS241Image Practice95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS243Time Arts I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS244Interaction I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS250Life Drawing50Art Design Paint
120218ARTS251Beginning Painting95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS251Beginning Painting35Art Design Paint
120218ARTS252Making and Meaning95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS252Making and Meaning30Art Design Paint
120218ARTS264Basic Photography95FAA Facility Fee
120218ARTS264Basic Photography$15.00 to $15.00Materials Fee
120218ARTS265Photography II95FAA Facilities Fee
120218ARTS265Photography II8Materials Fee
120218ARTS267Digital Photographic Output95FAA Facilities Fee
120218ARTS267Digital Photographic Output15Materials Fee
120218ARTS280Beginning Sculpture95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS280Beginning Sculpture55Undergrad Sculpture A D
120218ARTS299Spec Topics in Studio Art95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS299Spec Topics in Studio Art$12.00 to $95.00Various Material Fees
120218ARTS310Ceramics Sculpture II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS310Ceramics Sculpture II20Ceramics Art Design
120218ARTS320Fashion and Textiles Design95FAA Facility Fee
120218ARTS320Fashion and Textiles Design45Materials Fee
120218ARTS321Sustainable Fashion95FAA Facility Fee
120218ARTS321Sustainable Fashion10FAA Facility Fee
120218ARTS330Jewelry Metals III95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS330Jewelry Metals III45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS331Jewelry Metals IV95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS331Jewelry Metals IV45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS332Metal Technology95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS332Metal Technology45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS333Enamelling95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS333Enamelling45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS334Metalsmithing95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS334Metalsmithing45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS340The Art of 3D Imaging95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS350Intermediate Studio I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS350Intermediate Studio I30Art Design Paint
120218ARTS351Intermediate Studio II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS351Intermediate Studio II30Art Design Paint
120218ARTS354Intermediate Painting95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS354Intermediate Painting20Art Design Paint
120218ARTS364Photography III95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS364Photography III12Art Materials Fee
120218ARTS365Photography Workshop95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS365Photography Workshop15Course Materials Fee
120218ARTS381Intermediate Sculpture95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS381Intermediate Sculpture50Undergrad Sculpture A D
120218ARTS391Independent Study95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS391Independent Study90Art Design Metals
120218ARTS391Independent Study85Glass Art Design
120218ARTS391Independent Study65Undergrad Sculpture A D
120218ARTS391Independent Study$25.00 to $110.00Printmaking Art Design
120218ARTS391Independent Study25Ceramics Art Design
120218ARTS391Independent Study15Photography Art Design
120218ARTS400Advanced Book Arts95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS400Advanced Book Arts30Art Design Book Arts
120218ARTS405Special Topics in Printmaking95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS405Special Topics in Printmaking85Materials Charge
120218ARTS410Advanced Ceramics Sculpture95Ceramics Art Design
120218ARTS410Advanced Ceramics Sculpture95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS412Ceramics95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS412Ceramics100Ceramics Art Design
120218ARTS430Jewelry Metals V95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS430Jewelry Metals V45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS431Jewelry Metals VI95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS431Jewelry Metals VI45Art Design Metals
120218ARTS443Time Arts II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS444Interaction II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS445Special Topics in New Media95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS448BASA Capstone Project95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS448BASA Capstone Project45ARTS Materials Fee
120218ARTS450Advanced Studio I95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS450Advanced Studio I40Art Design Paint
120218ARTS451Advanced Studio II95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS451Advanced Studio II40Art Design Paint
120218ARTS454Advanced Drawing45Art Design Paint
120218ARTS455Advanced Painting95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS455Advanced Painting45Art Design Paint
120218ARTS456Advanced Sculpture95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS456Advanced Sculpture25Art Design Paint
120218ARTS457Art in Context95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS461Advanced Photography95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS461Advanced Photography12Art Materials Fee
120218ARTS490Senior Honors100Art Design Metals
120218ARTS499Special Topics in Studio Art95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS499Special Topics in Studio Art$12.00 to $95.00Art Design Book Arts
120218ARTS591Graduate Studio95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS591Graduate Studio$70.00 to $100.00Printmaking Art Design
120218ARTS591Graduate Studio$65.00 to $100.00Graduate Sculpture A D
120218ARTS595Graduate Laboratory95FAA Facilities
120218ARTS595Graduate Laboratory$75.00 to $110.00Art Design Metals
120218ARTS595Graduate Laboratory70Graduate Sculpture A D
120218ARTS595Graduate Laboratory20Art Design Paint
120218ARTS595Graduate Laboratory12Photography Art Design
120218ARTS595Graduate Laboratory100Printmaking Art Design
120218ATMS324Field Studies of Convection1150ATMS Field Trip Fee
120218ATMS391Topics in Atmospheric Sciences3300LAS Field Trip
120218BADM322Marketing Research35BADM Course Materials Fee
120218BADM331Making Things50BADM Course Materials Fee
120218BADM357Digital Making Seminar50BADM Course Materials Fee
120218CHEM101Introductory Chemistry$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM102General Chemistry I$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM103General Chemistry Lab I$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM104General Chemistry II$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM105General Chemistry Lab II$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM108Chemistry, Everyday Phenomena$0.00 to $10.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM203Accelerated Chemistry Lab I$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM204Accelerated Chemistry II$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM205Accelerated Chemistry Lab II$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM223Quantitative Analysis Lab$0.00 to $40.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM232Elementary Organic Chemistry I$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM233Elementary Organic Chem Lab I$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM236Fundamental Organic Chem I$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM237Structure and Synthesis$0.00 to $20.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM317Inorganic Chemistry Lab$0.00 to $75.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM436Fundamental Organic Chem II$0.00 to $75.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHEM437Organic Chemistry Lab$0.00 to $75.00CHEM Breakage Fee
120218CHP199Special Topics$700.00 to $4500.00Honors Program Travel Fee
120218CHP395Interdisciplinary SeminarYes$300.00 to $4500.00CHP- Field Trip Fee
120218CPSC112Introduction to Crop Sciences$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218CPSC265Genetic Engineering Lab$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218CPSC407Diseases of Field Crops$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218CPSC426Weed Mgt in Agronomic Crops$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218CPSC428Weed Science Practicum$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218CPSC453Principles of Plant Breeding$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218ENG498Special TopicsFa-66005600ENG Field Trip
120218ENVS380Environmental Geology$35.00 to $60.00LAS Field Trip
120218EPSY220Career Theory and Practice20Materials charge
120218ESE111Emergence of Life75LAS Field Trip
120218ESE208History of the Earth System$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218ESE289Environment & Sust Field Study$20.00 to $500.00LAS Field Trip
120218ESE333Earth Materials and the Env$20.00 to $50.00LAS Field Trip
120218ESE389Environ &Sust Field Expedition$800.00 to $4500.00LAS Field Trip
120218ESE411Geomorphology$20.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218ESE465Transportation &Sustainability$25.00 to $65.00LAS Field Trip
120218ESE497Special Topics in ESEYES$0.00 to $300.00Dixon Springs Field Trip
120218FAA199Undergraduate Open SeminarJames Sch$300.00 to $1500.00FAA Field Trip
120218FAA202Artsful Teaching through Integ10FAA Materials Fees
120218FSHN232Science of Food Preparation56ACES Class Materials
120218FSHN260Raw Materials for Processing20ACES Class Materials
120218FSHN302Sensory Evaluation of Foods30ACES Class Materials
120218FSHN343Foundations in Beverage Mgmt100FSHN Class Materials
120218FSHN466Food Product Development60ACES Class Materials
120218FSHN482Food Processing Unit Ops I Lab25Lab Materials Fee
120218FSHN484Food Processing UnitOps II Lab25Lab Materials Fee
120218FSHN517Fermented &Distilled Beverages20ACES Class Materials
120218FSHN590Dietetic Internship I1100FSHN 590 Fee
120218FSHN591Dietetic Internship II1100FSHN 591 Fee
120218GEOG405Geography Field Course$100.00 to $2500.00GEOG Field Trip Fee
120218GEOG465Transportation &Sustainability$25.00 to $65.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL107Physical Geology$15.00 to $50.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL110Exploring Geology in the Field$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL111Emergence of Life75LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL208History of the Earth System$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL333Earth Materials and the Env$20.00 to $50.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL380Environmental Geology$35.00 to $60.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL401Geomorphology$20.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL411Structural Geol and Tectonics$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL415Field Geology$800.00 to $2500.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL417Geol Field Methods, Western US$750.00 to $2000.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL432Mineralogy and Mineral Optics$50.00 to $100.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL436Petrology and Petrography$100.00 to $200.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL440Sedimentology and Stratigraphy$20.00 to $100.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL497Special Topics in Geology$0.00 to $500.00GEOL 497 Field Trip Fee
120218GEOL511Advanced Structural Geology100LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL512Geotectonics100LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL515Advanced Field Geology$800.00 to $2500.00LAS Field Trip
120218GEOL593Advanced Studies in Geology$0.00 to $1600.00LAS Field Trip
120218HDFS259Motor Development and Control200AHS Class Materials
120218HDFS288HDFS Applied Experience Fee1095ACES Applied Experience
120218HORT100Introduction to Horticulture$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218HORT105Vegetable Gardening$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218HORT106The Sustainable Home Garden$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218HORT240Plant Propagation$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218HORT341Greenhouse Mgmt and Production$50.00 to $100.00ACES Field Trip
120218HORT344Planting Biodivrsty&Aesthetic$25.00 to $100.00ACES Class Materials
120218IB447Field Ecology250LAS Field Trip
120218IB496Special CoursesCRF$1850.00 to $2000.00IB496 CRS FEE
120218IS199Undergraduate Open Seminar35IS Facility Use Fee
120218IS199Undergraduate Open Seminar$25.00 to $100.00IS Field Trip
120218IS199Undergraduate Open Seminar$20.00 to $100.00IS Class Materials
120218IS401Introduction to Network Information Systems$50.00 to $325.00IS Class Materials
120218IS490Topics in Info Foundations$25.00 to $325.00IS Class Materials
120218IS490Topics in Info Foundations$25.00 to $100.00IS Field Trip
120218IS497Topics in Data Analyt&Data Sci$25.00 to $325.00IS Class Materials
120218IS497Topics in Data Analyt&Data Sci$25.00 to $100.00IS Field Trip
120218IS522Library Buildings$60.00 to $150.00IS Field Trip
120218IS573Advanced Topics in Collections$25.00 to $75.00IS Facility Fee
120218IS573Advanced Topics in Collections$25.00 to $325.00IS Class Materials
120218IS573Advanced Topics in Collections$25.00 to $150.00IS Class Field Trips
120218IS582Advanced Topics in Librarianship$35.00 to $100.00IS Class Materials
120218IS583Adv Topics in Book History$35.00 to $100.00IS Class Materials
120218IS590Adv Topics in Info Foundations$35.00 to $100.00IS Class Materials
120218IS590Adv Topics in Info Foundations$25.00 to $100.00IS Field Trip
120218IS590Adv Topics in Info Foundations25IS Facility Use Fee
120218JOUR460Special Topics$25.00 to $5000.00Industry Immersion Trips
120218KIN100Development Activities100Kinesio/Camp Rec Facility Fee
120218KIN102Individual and Dual Activities65Kinesio/Illini Union Facility Fee
120218KIN104Skating Activities$50.00 to $60.00Kinesio/Camp Rec Facility Fee
120218KIN107Aquatic Sport Activities100Kinesio/Camp Rec Facility Fee
120218KIN120Injuries in Sport20AHS Class Materials
120218KIN140Social Sci of Human Movement200AHS Class Materials
120218KIN150Bioscience of Human Movement200AHS Class Materials
120218KIN259Motor Development and Control200AHS Class Materials
120218KIN352Bioenergetics of Movement200AHS Class Materials
120218KIN355Biomechanics of Human Movement200AHS Class Materials
120218LA199Undergraduate Open SeminarMB95FAA Facilities
120218LA199Undergraduate Open SeminarMB35Art Design Foundations
120218LA233Foundation Design Studio275LA Field Trip
120218LA234Site Design Studio265FAA Field Trip
120218LA335Community & Open Space Studio275FAA Field Trip
120218LA336Design Workshop Studio I$75.00 to $250.00LA Field Trip
120218LA346Professional Practice50Etiquette Dinner/Field Trip
120218LA390Independent Study35LA 390 Field Trip
120218LA438Design Workshop Studio II$75.00 to $250.00LA Field Trip
120218LA452Natural Precedent in Planting50LA Field Trip
120218LA537Landscape Plan & Design Studio75LA Field Trip
120218LA590Directed Research35LA Field Trip
120218LAS199Undergraduate Open Seminar$400.00 to $500.00LAS Field Trip
120218LAW792Current Legal ProblemsF$0.00 to $3000.00LAW Travel Fee
120218LING110Cultural Exp- Muslim World$40.00 to $100.00SILMW Fees
120218MACS150Intro Digital Media Production$75.00 to $200.00Equipment/facilities fee
120218MACS260Film Production$75.00 to $200.00Equipment/facilities fee
120218MACS295Intro Media/Cinema Topics$25.00 to $5000.00Industry Immersion Trip
120218MACS370Cinematography and Sound$75.00 to $500.00Equipment/facilities fee
120218MACS480Advanced Filmmaking$75.00 to $500.00Equipment/Facilities
120218MBA590Specialization Capstone$300.00 to $4000.00Immersion Trip
120218MCB250Molecular Genetics300Non-Major Tuition
120218MCB251Exp Techniqs in Molecular Biol300Non-Major Tuition
120218MCB252Cells, Tissues & Development300Non-Major Tuition
120218MCB253Exp Techniqs in Cellular Biol300Non-Major Tuition
120218MCB450Introductory Biochemistry300Non-Major Tuition
120218MDIA390Special Topics in Media$25.00 to $5000.00MDIA 390 Immersion Trip
120218MUSC101Piano$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC102Harpsichord$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC103Organ$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC105Voice$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC110Violin$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC111Viola$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC112Cello$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC113Double Bass$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC114Harp$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC115Guitar$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC116Electric Violin$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC117Electric Viola$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC120Flute$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC121Oboe$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC122Bassoon$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC123Clarinet$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC124Saxophone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC125Trumpet$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC126Horn$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC127Trombone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC128Euphonium$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC129Tuba$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC130Percussion$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC131Jazz Voice$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC132Jazz Saxophone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC133Jazz Trumpet$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC134Jazz Trombone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC135Jazz Piano$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC136Jazz Double Bass$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC137Jazz Guitar$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC138Jazz Percussion$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC139Jazz Mallets$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC140Jazz Woodwinds$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC141Jazz Brass$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC142Jazz Strings$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC401Piano$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC402Harpsichord$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC403Organ$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC405Voice$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC410Violin$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC411Viola$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC412Cello$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC413Double Bass$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC415Guitar$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC416Advanced Electric Violin$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC417Advanced Electric Viola$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC420Flute$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC420Flute$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major fee, per half hour lesson
120218MUSC421Oboe$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC422Bassoon$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC423Clarinet$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC424Saxophone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC425Trumpet$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC426Horn$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC427Trombone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC428Euphonium$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC429Tuba$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC430Percussion$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC432Jazz Saxophone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC433Jazz Trumpet$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218MUSC434Jazz Trombone$400.00 to $800.00Non-music major lesson fee
120218NRES276Introduction to Field Pedology180ACES Field Trip
120218NRES285Field ExperienceYES$45.00 to $200.00ACES Field Trip, also see Study Abroad
120218NRES302Dendrology100ACES Field Trip
120218NRES340Environ Social Sci Res Meth35ACES Field Trip
120218NRES415Native Plant ID and Floristics100ACES Field Trip
120218NRES416Forest Biology20ACES Field Trip
120218NRES419Env and Plant Ecosystems25ACES Field Trip
120218NRES420Restoration Ecology$45.00 to $200.00ACES Field Trip
120218NRES456Integrative Ecosystem MgmtYES25ACES Field Trip
120218NRES474Soil and Water Conservation5ACES Field Trip
120218NRES485Stream Ecosystem Management14NRES Field Trip Fee
120218NRES499Special TopicsYES$0.00 to $1500.00ACES Field Trip
120218PHYS123Physics Made Easy30Physics 123 Supply Fee
120218PS224Politics of the National Parks900PS Field Trip Fee
120218RST180RST Domestic Study / Site Tour$1800.00 to $2300.00RST Field Trip Fee
120218RST185Professional Field Experiences$85.00 to $115.00Transportation fee
120218RST199Undergraduate Open SeminarFT85AHS Field Trip, Section FT
120218RST224Politics of the National Parks900Field Trip Fee
120218SPED199Undergraduate Open Seminar15EDU Class Materials
120218SPED524Supervised Prac in SPED56.43SPED Student Teaching fee (billed per hour)
120218SPED590Seminar for Advanced Students15EDU Class Materials
120218TE230Design Thinking/Need-Finding95FAA Facilities xlisted ARTD 230
120218TE230Design Thinking/Need-Finding15Art Materials Fee xlisted ARTD 230
120218THEA473Acting Studio III: Movement25THEA Class Materials
120218THEA573Colloquium in Acting: Movement25THEA Class Materials
120218TSM233Metallurgy & Welding Process30ACES Class Materials
120218TSM311Humanity in the Food Web45TSM Field Trip Fee

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